Message from the MD

Greeting to all!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Health Television – dedicated to better health and wellness of people, fostered by the strength of our sound professional team of medical journalists.

Health Television promotes health literacy and healthy living by providing trusted, reliable and easy to understand healthcare information so that people can make better decisions on personal health choices.

Keeping viewers well informed about everything health related is our motto. We advocate transparency on general health issues, national health priorities and healthcare related policies – uncovering both positive as well as negative aspects of each case. Believing that news is for everyone and everyone has an equal right to receive accurate information anytime, anywhere –  we are a team of dedicated, vibrant, experienced and energetic professionals putting our effort to set a new dawn in the field of health journalism.

Apart from broadcasting the latest healthcare news, we reflect on a wide range of health interests. While focusing on providing ample information on common current diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, our research team also works to unveil emerging diseases, their symptoms, probable causes and when to seek professional medical advice. Health Television demonstrates healthy practices and the benefits of behavioral change to public health outcomes with a goal to influence healthier lifestyles.

Another arena we desire to step into is the myths and facts about different health conditions by showcasing evidence-based research case studies. The quality of our content is assured by real life examples and case history of patients with similar health conditions. Some of our programs draw attention towards the latest development in medical science and its impact in our lives. All of this does not however replace care provided by medical practitioners and other qualified health professionals.

We are committed to bringing health news instantly as it happens. We evaluate and provide comprehensive reporting and commenting on health issues in an attractive and elegant manner.

We believe in the eternal fact that the journey to success is accompanied by imperatives like passion and dedication. With the support of our stakeholders, professional expertise drawn from various sectors of the community and cooperation of local and international partners, we are confident that Health Television is prepared for the challenges ahead.

Wishing a healthy life to all!

Managing Director